16 November 2018

Dear Valued Client,


Til Enviro Limited wishes to announce a delay in the listing of the Shares of the Company on the Stock Exchange, which was originally anticipated to occur on Monday, 19 November 2018. Subject to the completion of the confirmation procedure as stated below and satisfaction of the conditions set out in the sub-section headed ‘Conditions of the Share Offer’ under the section headed ‘Structure and Conditions of the Share Offer’ in the Prospectus, including the Listing Committee granting the approval of the listing of, and permission to deal in, the Shares, the Listing is expected to commence on Thursday, 29 November 2018.

Til Enviro Limited, in consultation with the Sole Bookrunner and after taking into consideration current market conditions, has determined the Offer Price to be the New Offer Price, i.e., HK$0.58, which is below the Original Offer Price Range as disclosed in the Prospectus. The Public Offer Underwriting Agreement dated 30 October 2018 and the Price Determination Agreement dated 12 November 2018 between our Company and the Sole Bookrunner determining the New Offer Price are conditional upon and subject to, among other things, the execution of the Placing Underwriting Agreement. Our Company has issued the Supplemental Prospectus which resulted in a delay in the timetable of the Share Offer

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